Child Labour Rehabilitation Home


Seva Bharathi is running a Child Labour Rehabilitation Home at Palamoor (Mahabubnagar).

Sandeepani Awasam, Palamoor:                                  

Say ‘No’ to Child Labour. For the thousands of little hands that work and thousands more rescued by volunteers there is no guarantee that they would be safe and away from child labor.

Child Labor Rehabilitation Home

Sandeepani Awasam Children

Sandeepani Awasam is a result of the perpetual efforts by Seva Bharathi since 2002 in the campaign against Child labor. The effort involved building a network across 60 NGOs that organised bridge course centers for child laborers. The little hands that have toiled have now been performing at par in education and sports with other children. Thanks to APUS a teachers association & Seva Bharathi volunteers today there is a mechanism to pick the needy.

As a continuing effort of the Child labor rehabilitation programs, Seva Bharathi has decided to set up a permanent hostel for the economically weak students of Mahabubnagar district. Currently we are serving 60 genuinely poor, talented and deserving children. Children would also receive technical & skill training at Sandeepani Awasam.

Address :
Sandeepani Awasam
Bandameedapalli (V),
Opp. RTA Office, Mahaboobnagar Dist.- 509 382