नास्ति विद्यासमो बन्धुर्नास्ति विद्यासमः सुहृत् ।
नास्ति विद्यासमं वित्तं नास्ति विद्यासमं सुखम् ॥

Meaning: “There is no greater friend or relative than education; there is no greater wealth or happiness than education.”

The above shloka signifies the importance of education. Lack of education is one of the root causes of our underdevelopment. India was one of the cradles of civilization when the entire western world did not understand the meaning of civilization. The severe onslaughts have reduced us to the dire state that we are in at present. It is only through education and development that we can get back the lost glory of the nation.

With an endeavor to develop the nation and to do our bit of service to the society, Seva Bharathi has started schools in different parts of the states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Formal Schools:

Education is the base of Human Life. A formal education through school brings seriousness, devotion towards studies in the students. In a bid to strengthen the current literacy rate and provide equal opportunity for every child, Seva Bharathi has initiated schools in rural areas.

Education is the base of Human Life

The schools under Seva Bharathi are

  • Madhava Vidyalayam, Balajinagar
  • Sri Keshava Sishu Vidya Mandir, Kandakurthi
  • Sri Keshava Sishu Mandir, Kollampally
  • Sri Siva Ramakrishna Vidyalayam, Macchupahad
  • Sri Veda Vyasa Public school, Madikonda

Madhava Vidyalaya, Balajinagar:                                

Slums are the destinations of utter poverty. A glance at any of the slums in India gives us an insight into the dire consequences awaiting us in the future in the form of crime, illiteracy, malnourishment and under development. This being the case, the onus is on the government to create an egalitarian society providing equal opportunity for every child. Poverty cannot victimize the future of India.

The Constitution of India entitles every citizen of the country to the “Right to Education”. However, even after 60 years of Independence, India is not able to attain 100% literacy. This being the case, some NGOs have taken up the responsibility of educating the future workforce of India.

Balajinagar is one of the several slums mired deep in poverty until a group of socially responsible individuals took up the cause of the slum residents. This group of individuals went on to reach every family in the slum and brought their kids to the nearest “Samskara Kendra”. The Samskara Kendra – a non-formal school helped the kids in getting basic education which focused on health, hygiene, songs, dance which inspired and encouraged them to learn further. This effort has now grown into magnanimity and the school which started with 25 students in 1995 now is the proud teacher of 240 students.

“All work and no play make a child dull”

Every year Madhava Vidyalaya organizes and promotes an annual talent search program in coordination with the local schools. The talent search organizes competitions in various aspects like essay writing, elocution, athletics, drawing, singing etc. The primary motto of the program is to encourage all round development of the child focusing on both physical and mental exercises.

To participate or to volunteer in this activity, please reach us at:

Adress : Madhava Vidyalaya
Near Mahankali Temple,
Balaji Nagar,
Jawhar nagar (V) & (Po),
Shameerpet (M), Ranga Reddy (D).

Sri Keshava Sishu Vidya Mandir, Kandakurthi:                      

Kandakurthi is a small village in Nizamabad District on the border of Telangana& Maharashtra. The Shiva Temple built by the queen Ahalyabai Holker on the Triveni Sangam of Godavari, Manjira & Haridra Rivers stands as a testament of rich heritage and legacy of the village. The Keshava (Vishnu) Moorthy temple is another famous temple of the village. Apart from the grandeur of the temples, the village is also the birthplace of Dr. Keshava Rao Baliram Hedgewar.

The current strength of the school is 181 students who come from the neighboring four villages. The school currently is run in a small building. Apart from imparting education the school building also accommodates the periodic medical camps organised in the village. Efforts are being made to renovate the building and add ten extra rooms to house the students in the school building.


Address : Sri Keshava Shishu Vidya Mandir,
Kandakurthi, Renjal (M),
Nizamabad (D).

Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalayam, Macchupahad:                    

Macchupahad is a village panchayat located 20 km from the Warangal State Highway. The village has been a victim of the onslaughts of Naxalites who did not allow any growth and development in the region. It was then, Seva Bharathi took up the village and started working for the development of the village. As the first step, Seva Bharathi started a school for children.

Well known as the Seva Bharathi School, Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalay has 68 children on the rolls most of them being tribal. The teachers are locales and have been effective in educating the children and their families.


The boys & girls of our school add color to all the village functions.

Apart from imparting education, the school encourages kids to take part in extracurricular activities. The children demonstrate their skills in their native cultural dance and songs. The students also promote their mother tongue and native culture. The motto of the school is to work on all-round development of the kids which will nurture them into good citizens.

The school also accommodates periodic medical camps organised in the village. Plays have been instrumental in bringing about a positive change in the villagers. One such play was on the problems arising due to Cock fights. The play transformed the village and the number in the cock fights has seen a low since the enactment of the play. Many such activities are on the decline due to the efforts of the school.

The positive transformation of the village has motivated the villagers to donate their land voluntarily towards the school building. The school now caters to the education of five thandas and is aiming to cater to another seven thandas in the near future.

Address : Sri Siva Ramakrishna Vidyalayam
Macchupahad, Via: Raghunathapally,
Narmetta (M), Warangal.

Sri Keshava Sishu Mandir, Kollampally:                            

Kollampally is a village in Mahabubnagar, one of the poorest districts in the united state of Andhra Pradesh. The extremely low literacy rate of the village stirred the interest of few responsible individuals whose brain child is the Sri Keshava Sishu Mandir. The school was formed in 1990 with the aim to achieve 100% literacy in the village. With the relentless and sustained effort of the school, the literacy rate in the village stands at a proud 95%.

The school has 440 students currently who are trained in physical education in the form of sports, cultural activities beside education. The school happens to be the proud Alma Mater of teachers, doctors, engineers and many other professionals.

Address : Sri Keshava Sishu Mandir
Kollampally, Via : Dhanwada,
Narayanpet (M), Mahabubnagar.