Mobile Medical Aid

The condition of medical facilities is horrible in India. Owing the huge population, the lack of skilled medical workforce, providing medical aid to the needy has become a herculean task to the government. The slum areas are the worst hit in this scenario. The government has been doing its part in providing medical facilities through the Government hospitals; however the services at the government hospitals are disgusting with several reported incidents. The alternative way is the corporate hospitals, but the hole that corporate medical facilities burn in one’s pocket is equally worse. In a bid to alleviate the current dire medical situation prevailing in the slum areas, Seva Bharathi has started its medical wing.

The Medical wing of Seva Bharathi provides mobile medical aid in many slum areas in and around the twin cities of Hyderabad – Secunderabad. The two medical vans aptly called Sanjeevani and Bharath Vikas Parishad are providing relentless services to the slum dwellers of Hyderabad and Secunderabad twin cities.

Health Camps

Apart from providing mobile medical aid, Seva Bharathi is also organising regular health camps focusing on immunization, blood donation, eye checkup to mention a few. Free health checkup, medical aid and health awareness camps are organised periodically to create awareness in the slum dwellers about hygiene and health care. Some of the health camps organised by Seva Bharathi are:

Health Camps:

  • Immunization Camps
  • Blood Donation Centers
  • Eye Donation Centers
  • Free Health Check Up
  • Free Medical Aid
  • Health Awareness Camps

Help Desk:

The Seva Bharathi medical Help Desk is another initiative. The motto of this initiative is to assist the poor and needy patients. Volunteers of Seva Bharathi assist the patients in need to the medical personnel at the government hospitals. The volunteers then help the patients in getting the requisite medication and the procedures for treatment at the Government hospitals. Seva Bharathi has been doing relentless selfless service to those in medical need through many of their health initiatives.

Shelter Home at Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad

“Home is where the heart is” – This saying holds perfectly true for all the inhabitants of the Shivanand Ashram run by Seva Bharathi. Every day around 120 people (patients & their attendees) get shelter here. In a city like Hyderabad where the prices are sky rocketing with every passing day, finding an abode to stay is a respite. The Ashram located in the vicinity of Gandhi Hospital has the capacity to take a maximum of 200 inmates.


Blood Donation Club

The “Blood Donation Club” run by Seva Bharathi is another initiative that helps people with the blood requirements for emergency cases and, patients in need during surgeries. The blood donors are contacted immediately as soon as there is a requirement and the need is fulfilled. Many people across Hyderabad and suburbs have benefitted from this initiative. All those prospect blood donors can send your requests for registration at our helpline.

Request for registration:
Our Helpline No: +91-9030339229