Scheduled Caste Affection Homes

Valmiki Awasam, Jagitial, Karimnagar

Seva Bharathi is running a special affection home for poor Scheduled Caste (SC) students at Jagitial, Karimnagar. To provide education to the villages and houses those are illiterate from generations, Seva Bharathi started “Sri Valimiki Awasam” in 1992. At present 27 children from illiterate families representing different backward villages are carefully selected and provided quality education and life. Most of the children are the first literate in their families & villages.

Scheduled Caste Boys Home

Valmiki Awasam

The impact is not restricted to the Hostel only but extends back to their home and villages. These kids have been successful in de-addicting their parents, influencing the fellow friends in improving their personal hygiene and school attendance.

Now the home is a nurturing place for athletics, academic careers and cultural activities thus making them complete citizens with an urge to contribute back to the society.

Valmiki Awasam
TA 62, Dharur Camp,
Jagitial, Karimnagar.