Jignyasa – Mobile Science Lab


The Indian public (government) school system is entirely supported by the respective state governments. The schools follow a pre-set curriculum designed by educators of the respective state in which the school is located.

Unfortunately, the quality of education imparted at government schools has much room for improvement. Some of the issues impacting teaching at government schools include:

  • Large student-teacher ratios
  • Cramped class rooms
  • Complete absence of science laboratories
  • Inadequate libraries
  • Over emphasis on textbook teaching and concepts

Given the large number of children enrolled in government schools, there is a negative impact on society at large due to the sub-standard primary and secondary education imparted to these children.

One of the main deficiencies in government run schools is the absence of any science laboratories on the premises.  This deprives the children of any exposure to real-world scientific knowledge.  Instead the children can only look at a static photo in a government textbook.  This has the secondary negative impact of reducing the children’s interest in science.

The mobile science laboratory team conducts a demonstration of scientific experiments, which through their visual impact, energizes and encourages the students to explore the scientific process further.  The experiments are conducted by trained technicians who are able to demonstrate the specific experiment as well as explain the theoretical basis for the experiment.  The experiments are conducted inside one of the classrooms in the schools on a pre-arranged schedule.  Some of the experiments demonstrated include:

  • Effects of magnetism on iron particles
  • Reaction of Sodium metal with water
  • Generation of hydrogen sulfide gas due to chemical reaction

Presently Seva Bharathi running one mobile science lab under “Jignyasa” project.

Present Statistics:

No. of Schools covering/month                –           43

Total no. of students benefited                –           14000

The team is travelling to each location in a van, with all the lab equipment and materials required for the experiments.

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